Autism Observation Essay

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MODULE 1 OBSERVATION Observer: Marie Foster Child “Jan” Age of Child 10yr. 5mo. Date: Feb. 8, 2009 Time: 10:15 to 11:30am Setting: Sunday School Room and Outdoor Play Ground Activities: Short Lesson, Craft Activity, Free Play Introduction I observed Jan during a Sunday school activity at our local church. A short lesson was given on Jesus dying on the cross and what that meant for us as Christians. The children then proceeded to make crosses out of wooden Popsicle sticks before adjourning outside to play on the playground adjacent to the church. There were 15 children present, including Jan, that were between ages 8 and 10. 1. Communication Jan’s verbal communication abilities were limited. When she did speak, it was mostly in three to five word phrases. When asked a question she would repeat the question without the subject and then answer the question. For example, one of the helpers asked, “Jan, would you like red yard or blue yarn?” Jan replied, “Red yarn or blue yarn?…Blue!” She also spoke much more loudly compared to the other children and was asked several times to whisper. Each time the request was made she would repeat the word whisper in a hushed voice. However, the next time she would speak she would regain her excessive volume. She knew what the word whisper meant but did not understand that she needed to apply it to her own behavior or that a request was being made of her to change her behavior. At one point one of the other children asked Jan to pass the glue to which Jan replied, “Pass glue”, but did not carry out the action. She understood that the items on the table had labels/names but seemed unable to process or express requests. When Jan needed at item on the table that was out of her reach, she would repeat the name of the item several times until another person retrieved it for her. She

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