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Autism Spectrum Disorder By Johanna University of North Texas Selected Audience With so much peer pressure in school today, I chose to target the elementary and middle schools for my project. I felt that if I could educate the elementary and middle school students about Autism Spectrum Disorder than they would grow up knowing what it is and not pick on students that were different. I also have a very dear friend with a child that has Autism along with other disabilities and I see what they go through because people just do not know enough about this disorder. After talking with a group of elementary and high school students that I work with on Wednesday nights and on Sunday mornings, I learned that they really do not know a whole lot about Autism. There were some that had siblings with this disorder and then knew what it was, but for the most part, the children just thought it was a person who was mentally retarded. Rationale It is very important for me to educate people on Autism Spectrum Disorders because people with these disorders are in our community and we can come across them in our jobs, at the grocery store, and even in our schools. I also have a cousin that is Autistic and I have myself have learned so much about this disorder from talking with his mother. I have also seen how much he has grown and learned because people in his life know more about his disorder than they did before. I feel that it is so important that people understand how people with Autism learn because it will help them see that they are people just like us. Everyone is afraid of the unknown, and by educating our community about these disorders they will not be afraid anymore. By educating students at an early age then they will be able to teach their parents and other siblings and they will be able to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. By educating the

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