Autism Disability Essay

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Caring for a loved one with a disability is no small feat. I know first-hand just how overwhelming the responsibility can be while trying to manage priorities outside of the home as well. For this reason, I have decided to cover “Autism and Family Quality of Life” for my article review assignment. This article focuses on certain intervention strategies that are crucial to the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It purports to explain quality of life as a critical part of early intervention for both children with ASD, and their families. As I plan to discuss, Occupational Therapists play a unique role in understanding the families’ energy level for accomplishing everyday tasks and supporting all caregivers to help the child adapt and cope with everyday life. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological condition characterized by impairment of communicative, social, and behavioral competencies. Most children with an ASD experience limited functionality in daily routine, community involvement, and sociability. As this article explains, caring for a child with an ASD is often associated with high stress levels, often requiring mental health treatment. Struggling to get the child to eat or settle down for bedtime can be particularly challenging. The additional stress can be substantial, taking its toll on the whole family. Another main point this article conveys is the 2 decades of research that supports “an occupation-centered” approach in treating ASD’s. The approach extends beyond the scope of standardized testing, and encompasses all of OT’s therapeutic knowledge in its entirety to help families manage day-to-day stress associated with ASD, and to make sense of the wide range of interventions available. Early Intervention programs are based upon individual therapist’s knowledge, skills and clinical expertise in sensory-motor development.
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