Autism Awarness Essay

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This critique paper will focus on the barriers faced by south Asian parents on treatments and diagnosis of Autism. The author Anjum Choudhry Nayyar has written this article on Healt life style magazine on July 11, 2011. The author has emphasised on the unique issues faced by the South Asian families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The facts findings are based and supported with a research completed by a student from Pacific University of Oregon. The article talks about number of barriers when it comes to access to care for their special need children. Being a south asian parent with an ADS diagnosed child, I can definetly resonate the sentimemnts of this article. South Asian community in Canada value their culture, traditions and beliefs. They whole hartedly embrace their value system in all aspects of their lives. Unfortunately there are certain myths and stigmas attached to this values. Giving birth to a child is seen as a precious gift from god. Espically a boy. Same way if that child is to be found that he is developmentally challanged; it is unbearable to the parents and extended families! Their feelings of embarrasement, infirority, guilt, dissapointment, fustration and uncertainity about their childs future are very common. In addition to that how they may be judgged by others within the community is the most worry some issue. The article points out "75% of the parents reported that they did not reveal their child's ASD diagnosis to their friends and to their own family members including their parents and siblings". These sentiments are mainly due to lack of knowledge about Autism. Sadly though these parents and children miss out the resourses and benifits that are available to support them from an early stage. Autism related literatures, books, magazine articles or any publications are mostly printed in English. The most comon spoken South

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