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Autism And Rainman Essay

  • Submitted by: nicole27
  • on October 26, 2011
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Rain Man & Autism
Nahima Vargas, Camila Restrepo, Nicole Angulo
Doral Academy Prepatory

Autism is a disorder is which the child has several symptoms but one of the most common is social awkwardness. Autism is usually diagnosed from age’s two to three, although it is highly recommended that the parent take their child to be diagnosed at 18 months. For the diagnosis to actually be accurate and valid, the child must show 12 of the symptoms that show up in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Some of those include “Lack of social or emotional reciprocity, marked impairment in the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors, stereotyped and repetitive use of language, or persistent preoccupation with parts of objects.” (Shore & Rastelli, 2006, p. 14)  
Autism is divided into several branches but the main ones being three. There is a set spectrum which is subdivided into severe, moderate, and light. When the child is diagnosed to have severe autism (a.k.a. classic autism) they will have most if not all of the 12 symptoms. It is referred to as Kanner’s syndrome in which language will develop late or sometimes maybe not at all. If the child is diagnosed with moderate autism, they are said to be “autistic-like” and they have most but not all of the symptoms that someone with Kanner’s Syndrome might have. If diagnosed with light autistic-like symptoms then they might have Asperger’s Syndrome. (Shore & Rastelli, 2006)
As anything else in life, there are things that deserve more importance than others. In this case, Asperger’s Syndrome and Kanner’s Syndrome seem the most relevant to explain. Asperger’s Syndrome is what is considered to be the lightest of the autistic ranges. Some even believe that this one in particular shouldn’t even count as a disorder. Besides what anyone may think, this syndrome is divided into two categories (1 & 2). Although the child might show an extreme advance in a certain subject [math or music] they shouldn’t be neglected of...

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