Autism Essay

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Spending Disadvantage SPENDING DISADVANTAGE 1 SUMMARY 2 GLOSSARY 3 SPENDING 1NC [1/3] 4 SPENDING 1NC [2/3] 5 SPENDING 1NC [3/3] 6 OVERVIEW 7 BUDGET CUTS NOW 8 NO NEW SPENDING 9 NO NASA SPENDING NOW 10 DEFICIT REDUCTION NOW 11 ECONOMY GOOD NOW 12 LINK EXTENSIONS 13 INTERNAL LINK EXTENSIONS 14 FISCAL DISCIPLINE KEY INVESTOR CONFIDENCE 15 ANSWERS TO: “THE ECONOMY IS RESILIENT” 16 ANSWERS TO: “ECONOMIC DECLINE DOESN’T CAUSE WAR” 17 Summary This file makes the argument that the affirmative plan is too expensive (spends too much money). The argument is that, if something costs too much, the government will not be responsible with money and this irresponsibility will damage the economy. For example, most government spending goes through Congress where the two political parties (Republicans and Democrats) debate it. If they can come to an agreement, they vote on the spending bill and it becomes a law if the president signs it (which he or she usually does). The economy is important because, in a down economy, people lose jobs and money and the country has difficulty providing citizens with the things they need. This can cause nations to go to war with one another over resources and land because they no longer have very much to lose. The impact evidence argues that, if the U.S. economy decreases, then it affects other countries because we trade with them. A worldwide economic downturn would cause all countries to get involved in conflicts, causing nuclear weapon wars. Glossary Budget – The money that a government has and their plan for spending it. Debt Ceiling – The money the government is allowed to owe other nations. Deficit – A deficit is when you have less money than you are spending. If the government is ‘deficit spending,’ then they are spending more money than they are taking in. Some argue that deficit spending also

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