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A life with Autism Natisha Chandler HCR/240 Health And Disease Understanding Pathos of Pathology July 15,2013 Darrell Portis A life with Autism Let's face it many people are ignorant about what autism really is,and just like with other things they invent their own facts because of their ignorance. Therefore bringing in some very big misconceptions into the table. This article lists some of the top misconceptions about autism. First in the unordered list is the misconception that autism is a mental illness. Autism is a developmental disability,not a mental illness, now there is a difference between a mental illness and a development disability. A person with a mental illness is usually competent and are able to care for themselves,though sometimes they can have depressions or moodiness that will vary from rational to irrational. Persons with a developmental disability normally have trouble in areas of life, like self-sufficiency and self-care and may only function up to a certain age level that's far younger than his or her actual age. A person with a developmental disability may also have a mental illness in addition to their disability but a person with a mental does not necessarily have a disability. Another difference between the two is that developmental disability is permanent whereas a mental illness is treatable. There is the misconception that people with autism are mentally retarded, some of them may actually be but not all. Autistic people are usually not just autistic, more often than not they are autistic and have other issues like ADHD,OCD,mental retardation,dyslexia,or sensory issues. Some of these people can't speak some are deaf some are blind, but this is truth with all people in general. This in no way means that all autistic people are mentally retarded. A lot of autistic people have average or above average intelligence.

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