Autism Essay

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Autism is a rising epidemic of “a complex developmental disability” known to prevail during the early stages of a child’s life (Nordqvist). The number of children diagnosed with autism has increased tremendously over the past four years (Falco). Classical autism, along with Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Development Disorder, is one of three brain disorders under the classification of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) (“Facts About ASDs”). It occurs in all ethnic backgrounds, races and socioeconomic groups, but it is more prevalent in boys than girls. Autistic kids suffer from impaired language skills, abnormal behavioral expressions and poor social interactions that hinder their development significantly and prevent them from leading normal lives. Some autistic kids have astounding skills in areas such as math and science and for doing repetitive work with great accuracy and precision. However, the fact remains that it is a lifelong disability with no known cure (Heyworth). Society has come a long way in acknowledging this problem and dealing with it openly. Parents are learning to cope and overcome whatever sorrow they feel towards changing their child’s life for the better; yet their despair for a quick solution is understandable. Scientists are working to figure out the causes of autism and are researching ways to prevent this disorder (Heyworth). According to experts, autism begins in children before three years of age and lasts throughout a person’s life (“Facts About ASDs”). Recent data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that boys have four times the likelihood of being diagnosed with an ASD, than girls (Falco). A CDC report released in 2012 showed that in America, an estimated 1 in 88, 8-year-olds have some form of ASD; this is a marked increase from the data from 5 years ago that indicated that 1 in 150 children had the

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