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Autism Essay

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Below is an essay on "Autism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Given the information below from the partial case study. Identify a goal and 3 objectives in each of the following areas: academic, sensory, behavioral, functional skills and social skills. Remember the objectives must be pbservable, measurable, and have any accommodations needed:
Case Study of a Nine Year Old Boy
There is, in the mind’s eye of a true educator, an aspiration to find goodness and intelligence among all children. There is a desire to nurture and a dream of success. There is a sense of urgency but a sense of patience. There is pride with success and heartache with failure. It is from this “way of being,” as Stephen Shore describes himself in his 2004 book Beyond the Wall, that this author perceives a nine year old third grade boy we shall call “Georgie Altizer.” He is a beautiful brown haired brown eyed boy with long gorgeous eyelashes. When he converses with adults he trusts, he demonstrates that he is inquisitive, thoughtful, caring, charming, and witty. He is very verbal. He is fascinated by technology. He is smart. He is generally honest. . . And he has been diagnosed with Autism.
He is who he is. His family loves him and provides for him. Being tolerant and accepting people, they treat him as though he is just another little boy. He is. But the world does not always see him this way. Nobody in his little farm community cares that he has autism. Nobody considers it a “bad word.” What the world sees, though, is an undisciplined, unrefined, spoiled, and maybe even crazy child.
What the lover of children sees is potential; a diamond in the rough; a wild stallion that needs roped in. Because, despite the strengths that are there on the inside, the world passes judgment based on what is on the outside. And the outside prevents the true potential from ever being revealed.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Georgie is able to read. He understands some phonetic elements of language and he learns sight words fairly quickly. He comprehends well,...

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