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Tina Mirpuri Professor Matt Copeland English 101 22 April 2013 Solving the problems of Autism I smiled and said hi to my seventeen year old neighbour. He stared back. I asked him “How are you?” He said nothing but continued to stare. I was surprised as I felt this was unusual until his father let me know that he was autistic and found it difficult to socialize and interact with others. Interaction occurs when two people, for instance, an adult and a child, respond to one another- a- two way communication. According to scientists Autism is a physical disorder of the brain which causes a lifelong disability. Research has helped characterize the behaviour of autistic children but not much is known about diagnosis and treatment of the disorder. I realised, ‘The diagnosis of autism is something that could tear down a parent’. I plan to discuss the characteristics found in the autistic child and intervention strategies for autism. In 1943, Leo Kanner had made the first official document on autism. He projected his work which focused on eleven children who had the same difficulties. He learnt that these children suffered from social isolation which he called ‘infantile autism’ (Sigman and Capps, 1997). He states about his patients, “There is from the start an extreme autistic aloneness that, whenever possible, disregards, ignores, shuts out anything that comes to the child from the outside” (Kanner, 1943). Later studies of Kanner in 1971 also provided information on the developing autistic child. He learnt that sociability increased with age, still there were significant problems in having interpersonal relationships. Kanner came up to a conclusion that autistic children enter the world without the without the ability to have affective contact with people. He noted that this particular extreme social isolation was

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