Autism Essay

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Thinking about taking on the role of caring for an autistic child? This job doesn’t require a degree, but it does require a lifelong commitment. Caring for an autistic child can be hard to deal with and hard to understand. It can be tiring and difficult. Autistic children are not equipped with an instruction manual. This is not a good job for a person who has a low tolerance to patience. Autistic children require love and compassion. Autism is a neurological syndrome that leads to developmental disorders in both children and adults. The symptoms usually appear by the peak age of three. There is little- known regarding whether autism and vaccinations have a link. “There seems to be a genuine and as yet unexplained increase in children diagnosed with autism..Symptoms include: sensory issues that impair the ability to cuddle or have close contact, speech impairment that is either total or minimum, sudden outbursts and tantrums that is non-responsive to commands. Autism consists of a broad spectrum, furthermore; each autistic individual may project different symptoms according to the severity of the disorder. Sudden outbursts can be accompanied with arching of the back and banging of the head on the floor or wall. This can lead to life-threatening injuries. (Caring for a child with autism is a life in and of itself. Autistic children are often a danger to themselves and others. Many self-injure and can be destructive to life and objects around them as well. As a result, they must be kept under constant supervision). (Boland, 2008 par.3) Schooling for an autistic child is hard to find. Most schools are not equipped to accompany children with severe autistic disorders. There was a time that it was believed that many autistic kids simply couldn't learn. Today autism research, growing awareness and school experience have revealed clearly that teaching autistic

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