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Human Nature Human nature is a very significant theme within two specific works of Jonathan Swift, “ The Lady’s Dressing Room,” and “Gulliver’s Travels.” Jonathan Swift uses human nature to emphasize the themes within these two works with very careful detail, specific examples and a sense of humor. In “The Lady’s Dressing Room” Swift uses the example about the process an average woman goes through to beautify herself, which in turn is using it to shine the truth through about human perception and how humans should not understand everything because all understandings have theirs natural limits. In “Gulliver’s Travels,” Swift uses human nature by making the people try to create different tools out of various natural objects; which is proving the same theme within the “The Lady’s Dressing Room.” “The Lady’s Dressing Room” is about a man who ventures through a woman’s dressing room, which everyone has always thought of her as beautiful. He then comes to find out that the opposite of what himself and everyone has always thought has been revealed by the discoveries of the different processes she actually goes through to become that beautiful woman. Swift is using this poem to bring a sense of humor to the truths of a woman’s beauty, that people should not always understand the truth about everything and leave certain things where they stand. For example swift writes, “ And first a dirty Smock appear'd, Beneath the Arm-pits well besmear'd. Strephon, the Rogue, display'd it wide, And turn'd it round on every Side. On such a Point few Words are best, And Strephon bids us guess the rest; But swears how damnably the Men lie, In calling Celia sweet and cleanly.” This excerpt explains how Strephon finds a dirty towel, with stains from an arm-pit and leaves him in shock to find out the truth about Celia’s hygiene. He then states how Strephon realizes that all the men

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