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Autism: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Ever since my sister and I were little we have always been close with my cousins. We grew up celebrating every holiday, birthday, and sports event with my mother’s side of the family. She has one sister and one brother who both had children of their own. I have five boy cousins, and one girl cousin, Haley. Haley is the same age as my sister, Paige; they are two and a half years younger than I. As little children, Paige and I never comprehended that anything was wrong with our cousin Haley. Of course we noticed little things that seemed out of the ordinary but it is what we grew up with and it is something that became the norm for us. As the years passed by and we all became older it was very clear to us that something wasn’t normal with Haley. As a child in a religious family I was taught we were all children of God and we were created equal. I just couldn’t help myself compare my sister to my cousin. My sister was developing into a bright and independent teenager where as my cousin Haley still needed guidance and direction. Of course all the adults knew something wasn’t quite right from the beginning and little did we kids know my aunt and uncle had been taking my cousin to doctors and specialists to see what was going on. After countless tests and examinations not one person could diagnosis Haley with any disease, condition, or syndrome. This was not good news or bad news. Our family wanted answers but God blessed us with the patience and acceptance that Haley was just simply special. At one point autism was a possibility but due to some Herbst 2 contributing symptoms Haley was not diagnosed. After that news I have always been interested in what autism exactly was. If it was something similar to what my cousin has, I was curious and made a list of questions I wanted to do research on that consisted of: What are the

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