Autism Essay

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Autism Autism is a complex developmental disorder where the sufferer has problems with social interactions ,impaired verbal and nonverbal communication and a pattern of repetitive behavior with narrow, restricted interests. People who have autism often have problems using language, forming relationships, and appropriately interpreting and responding to the external world around them. This type of disorder usually occurs in the beginning of the childhood. Although the symptoms of autism are not noticed until around preschool or elementary school age it can begin as little as twelve to eighteen months and behavior becomes obvious when the child is about three years old. Lack of language before the child turns five is a sign that its severe. They say higher functioning children with autism are generally identified with behavioral problems when they are aged approximately 4-5 years or with social problems later in childhood. This disorder usually affects people throughout their life, but many learn to control and modify their behavior to some extent. Autism is classified by American Psychiatric Association as one of a group of disorders known as the pervasive development disorders (PDD). Disorders that usually contain problems with communication, social interaction, and atypical, repetitive behaviors are sometimes linked to to ASD’s which are known as autism spectrum disorders. There is a large range of symptoms and severity of these types of disorders. Autism spectrum disorders varies differently among people that have been diagnosed with them. One child can have problems with communication, social interaction, and atypical repetitive behaviors and be diagnosed with autism while another child can have the same problems except the

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