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Autism in Children In our lifetimes, we will encounter many people who, for a variety of reasons, are considered “different” by those who consider themselves “normal.” This evening I want to speak to you about ‘Autism in Children’ why do I want to talk about this topic? I have a friend who works closely with autistic children and most times she shares information with me and as a result I would like to do the same. In this speech, I’d like to share with you some information about this disorder. First, I will discuss what autism is and the symptoms of autisms, and then I will explain what causes autism. Finally, I will describe the treatment strategies used in children with autism. What is Autism? According to the US Department of Health and Human Services it defines Autism has a brain disorder that typically affects a person's ability to communicate, form relationships with others, and respond appropriately to the environment. Some people with autism are relatively high-functioning, with speech and intelligence intact. Others are mentally retarded, mute, or have serious language delays. For some, autism makes them seem closed off and shut down; others seem locked into repetitive behaviours and rigid patterns of thinking. Autism is found in every country and region of the world, and in families of all racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Emerging in childhood, it affects about 1 or 2 people in every thousand and is three to four times more common in boys than girls. Girls with the disorder, however, tend to have more severe symptoms and lower intelligence. According to Professor Maureen Samms- Vaughan: o Approximately 450 children are born with autism per year o This does not include milder cases which never get diagnosed o This also does not include cases that are assessed abroad o This may not include those

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