Authoratitative Parenting Essay

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Authoritative Parenting Authoritative parenting is an approach to child a rearing in which the parents sets limits but listens to the child and are flexible. This is the parenting style my parents used with my brother and I, and are still using with my little sister. All parents are different and have different approaches that usually reflect from their personalities. Authoritative parenting is a different and more moderate approach of parenting. It emphasizes a setting of high standards, being responsive, and showing respect for children. Usually the authoritative parent expects maturity and cooperation, given lots of emotional support. Authoritative parents are more known for listening to their children, encouraging their independence, setting limits, consequences and expectations with their children's behavior. They tend to express warmth and nurturance, but also allowing their children to express opinions, but give fair consequences. Authoritative parents are also flexible. If there are extenuating circumstances, they will allow the child to explain what happened and adjust their response and actions accordingly. My parents used the authoritative parenting method in raising my brother and I. We have a ten-year-old sister who they are still using this parenting method with today. Personally, I think they need to use the permissive or authoritarian parenting style. She is most definitely the baby of three. But, my dad has worked offshore my whole life. So my mom has done most of the disciplining because she is home with us 24/7, where my dad is only home half of the year. With my mom being the only parent present half the year, she tries being more understanding but gives us our freedom and respect. She has rules that are always enforced, but she would negotiate depending on circumstances. Honesty always got me further because if she knew what was going on,

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