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Christian Leader Interview A Look at Authentic Leadership Christian Leader Interview A Look at Authentic Leadership Leadership – what is it and what defines a good leader? Over the last few decades, many people have asked these two questions. As a result, the topic of leadership has gained the attention of researchers worldwide and a multitude of books have been published. As Northouse (2010) points out, leadership is a complex process, “as many as 65 different classification systems have been developed to define the dimensions of leadership [and] there are almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are people who have tried to define it” (p. 2). As someone in a position of leadership, it is important to recognize and develop a personal ‘style’ they can implement. For the purpose of this paper, I interviewed a man whom I highly respect and try to learn from. I believe he is an authentic leader as evidenced by his day-to-day interactions with students, staff and faculty. Authentic Leadership, one of the new areas of leadership, is characterized by the ability of a leader to be genuine and ‘real’. The world filled with deceit, betrayal, corporate scandal and failure. People are becoming more and more fearful of the world around them and crave ‘real’ leadership they can trust and follow. The need for authentic leadership is timely and has intrigued the interest of researchers alike (Northouse, 2010, p. 205). At first glance, it may seem easy to define Authentic Leadership, but as we delve more deeply, we see that it is actually a complex process, difficult to characterize. Like all leadership styles, there are multiple definitions. Our text looks at authentic leadership from three different viewpoints: intrapersonal, developmental, and interpersonal; and two approaches, practical and theoretical. From an intrapersonal

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