Authentic Assessment Essay

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Authentic Assessment This article is about what authentic assessment should be. Authentic assessment must evaluate what a person has learned by examining his or her collective abilities vice testing isolated skills or retained facts. Assessments that evaluate students abilities will prepare the student for real-world challenges. The students will be able to apply the knowledge that he or she got to new problems they will face away from school. Another major advantage of testing a student’s ability is that the student will be able to build confidence. If a person exercises a new skill in a controlled environment, like school, then that person will be able to make mistakes or experiment with new techniques with out major consequences. Fairness is also brought up by the article. Just because an authentic assessment is uniform, standardized, impersonal and absolute, does not make it fair. It is only fair when it is appropriate. This makes the definition of authentic assessment more flexible, more tailored to the individual student. This also makes authentic assessment more of a challenge to use. Some of the challenges an instructor would have using authentic assessment, according to the article, would be managing its time-intensive nature, ensuring curricular validity, and minimizing evaluator bias. The article “Authentic Assessment” had some good points. It told of how an authentic assessment should be. Normally, though, there is not enough time to build a rapport with a student. Or, time must be divided between many students in a class, making the article’s definition of an authentic assessment impossible. "Assessment of Student Achievement" 6th edition by Norman E.
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