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Australia’s Sporting Links Australia’s Sporting Links What is a sporting link? What is Australia’s sporting Links? A sporting link is where a country such as Australia Links and ties a knot with another country and starts playing sports together or even share informations about a sport. Australia however, has a long tradition of sports link with the world. The Australian’s have participated in international sports for a very long time. Their longest links is with the United Kingdom and Europe. In fact more than half of Australian sports have derived from either Europe or the United Kingdom. These are sports that Australian’s are really good at. They include soccer, cricket, netball, tennis, rugby and many more and also many Olympic Games. Sports in Australia is very important as it is a religion and obsession for some. Also the economy relies on sports. The sports which are held in Australia are rugby 7s, grand slam, surfing, Formula 1, hockey and the 2000 Olympics which some described it as the best Olympic game in the world. Sports such as the 2000 Olympics which were held in Sydney is also important because it attracts high profile players and also attracts huge crowds of tourist into Australia. Australian sports are of the highest standards in the world. Australia however also has many sport legends which many people consider are the best player in the world, they include Rod Laver and Sir Donald Bradman and many others. These payers are important to Australia because it gives us a good image to the world. Australia has competed in the FIFA World cup, Pan Pacs, summer and winter Olympics and also many Asia Pacific games. Why Australia’s Sporting Link is important? Australia’s sporting link is important for many reasons. The Australian economy relies on sports because sports attract many thousands of people and this helps the economy. Many people of

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