Australias involvement in the Vietnam War Essay

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Q1: Explain all the reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War Korean War: From 1910-1945, Korea was occupied by Japan, under the Japanese Emperor. During this period, The Imperial Japanese Army treated the Koreans ruthlessly and often discriminated, tortured, raided, raped, executed and murdered innocent Koreans with no valid reason. Japanese rule over Korea eventually came to an end with Japan surrendering to the allied forces ( Soviet Union, British Empire and America ) at the end of WWII. Korea was later on divided into North Korea and South Korea with America and its allies (capitalists) dominating South of Korea, and the Soviet Union and its allies (communists) dominating North of Korea. The two new zones were divided on the 38th parallel. By Mid 1950, tension between the two zones escalated to the point where the two aggressive armies were building up across the border getting set to fight. On the 25th of June, the Korean war had started between the North and the South. Australia took part of the Korean war as it was an ally of America and a supporter of capitalism. The Menzies government was fearful of communism in Asia and saw the victory of communism in South Vietnam as a great threat for Australia. Looking back at the Korean war, Australia saw how communism can destroy a nation. This inspired Australia and gave it a reason to be involved in the Vietnam war, so communism could be stopped in Vietnam before it can reach Australia, and destroy Australia. Australia also took part of the Vietnam war because as Australia had assisted the United States in the Korean War, it also was prepared to become involved in the Vietnam War with America, and achieve its support from America. ANZUS: ANZUS stands for Australia, New Zealand and United States Treaty which was signed in 1951. The main core of the Treaty was that if one of the
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