Australians and Afganistan Essay

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Issue : war in Afghanistan Background on issue What im going to argue, why im going to argue Arguments Pros and cons of my arguement Issue : Australians and the war in Afghanistan With the recent deaths in Afghanistan to many Australians it has led to debate on australias role in the conflict. Im arguing that Australians should remain in Afghanistan to make this world a better and safer place to live in. Background : The war in Afghanistan sparked when the extremist Islamic group known as al qaeda who was led by osama bin laden launched an attack on September 11 to the world trade center in new york city. The Americans tried to negotiate with the Taliban led afghan government but refused to hand over osama. American and british forces sent their respective armies to Afghanistan to complete the mission named ‘operation enduring freedom’, with the goal to dismantle the al qaeda organization and create a democratic state. Arguements for: Australia were first entered in the war because its an ally with America, Australia has a long standing commitment with America. Australia isn’t as big as some of the armies around the world, it needs protection, when we were attacked by the japenese in world war 2, America backed us up and supported us with the supply of their military power, so its on us to return the favour for them, its our turn to stand up as a nation and back up America as they helped us when we were in need. Australia is only a small country compared to some of the bigger around the world and if we were to be attacked tomorrow by a bigger country without America there would be a high chance that we would not win the war, we would be seen as a weak link but with America countries would know that behind our small nation is a bigger nation in America and they will be there to support, so in respect to America and their hard doings its australias

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