Australian Sport Essay

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English Oral- Australia’s national pastime of sporting interest is important in shaping our identity Numerous factors can describe ‘being Australian’; we know that New Zealand is pretty much our native cousins but they have no chance of achieving the upper hand in the never-ending sporting competitiveness amongst our two nations. We know that backyard cricket is a nice way to bond with the family and the 'one bounce, one hand' rule always applies and Sydney 2000 was one of our proudest moments in history as we showed the world that we are the greatestj sporting nation on the earth. Good morning guests and other forum members. These aspects label ‘Australians’ for our love of sport; therefore if sport is ultimately defining our culture than what kind of identity does our nation attain? Sport has perpetually remained a significant part of the Australian culture and has been likened to a form of religious expression, as the unofficial faith of this great nation. It has this ‘proficiency’ to help form Australia’s national identity because of the key set of values that are expressed through sport, that coincide with our nation’s culture and attitudes. Sport has the ability to uphold our nation’s image of egalitarianism by uniting communities, to encompass all races and genders within our own society. This demonstrates a microcosm of Australia's shifting attitudes towards those of different religions, races and genders; therefore moving from an anglo-orietated national identity to one that includes and accepts everyone. The ethnic diversity within Australia has significantly escalated which is reflected in our culture of sport. Australian football has long been united with the cultures of Indigenous Australians and Pacific Islanders, and their participation in national rep-games. This proves as a prime example of multiculturalism and the increasing acceptance of
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