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Australian Political System Essay

  • Submitted by: azarxo
  • on August 16, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Aus political system is based on a few key concepts: Conventions and understandings of how our system works: Most of the everyday realities of Aus political system are unwritten. Not evolved over time. Constitution was written with this in mind. Prime minister is more important person but is not written in constitution. The Aus Constitution is more of a legal document than political one, almost no political value. Used in court system not so much parliament.The ‘Washminister mutation’- central to Aus political system- Aus systems draws from both British gov and the united states system. We are British colony so we draw a lot from their system. When Aus became nation, US was not the world power they were former British colony, unusual to draw from US system although they developed important political system that is why they drew a lot from their system. UK (Westminster):- Lower house: Representatives/Common (Aus has exact same to London) Aus has 150 although UK has more system is same. -Cabinet government (differs to US system) Party with most representatives becomes the government. Direct copy from UK. –Unwritten conventions (UK has no written constitution). -Party system (similar party designations and how parties work)US: - Elected senate (UK has house of lords (equals senate) Divides the commons and the lords) so US created elected senate and Aus followed this very closely. – Federalism (UK don’t have states they have counties) In US and Aus it was found necessary to divide the country up. To bring separates colonies together one of the founders of Aus political systems did was make sure each state was represented equally in the national government (federalism) they were creating. We would not have Aust if we didn’t have a federation. – Written Constitution. Other elements: Switzerland- Referendums system to change the constitution. Both houses of parliament must agree and then the whole public most vote. –Unique voting system: Aus is world leader when it comes...

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