Australian Landscapes

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A SUGGESTED MODEL FOR THE CONTEXT SAC: THE EXPOSITORY ESSAY: Landscapes play an important role in our lives FOCUS: FLY AWAY PETER |Even the most humble of backyards can have a compelling story. There’s nothing I love more than sitting and |Begin with a personal experience to hook in the reader. It| |watching this space that has been shaped, constructed, tended and loved over the years. A row of gnarled pine|must be appropriate to the topic and must try to show off | |trees line the back fence of my backyard in Donvale, a reminder of windbreaks which were planted to protect |some of your skills in descriptive writing | |the apple orchards that were typical of my suburb in the past. Some of the old apple trees, still…show more content…
He distinguishes himself from his father and grandfather by his wish to | | |retain the natural environment rather than impose changes onto it. Ashley’s return home resonates with many | | |of us when we travel overseas but are always happy to be back, to be back to where we feel we belong. | | | |Personal experience or observation | |However, growth and development can only occur when we are pitted against the unknown and the uncomfortable. |…show more content…
It is the occasional glimpses of nature, like the flock of dunlins that keep his tenuous hold on | | |a more innocent past and the memories which link him to the sanctuary in Australia. Though we would prefer | | |our lives to be lived in peace and beauty, it is these dichotomies that enlarge our understanding of | | |ourselves and the world in which we live, otherwise like Jim declares, we may be condemned to live our lives | | |in ‘dangerous innocence”. |

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