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Australian Identity EDUC289 Human Society and its Environment. National identity is a concept that is seen on an individual and global scale that construct the attributes of the majority of the population . National identity provides a country with a sense of unity; to list common traits that individuals within the community can identify with and that other countries and the media can use to identify, stereotype, promote and unify a country. Wall (2006) encompasses this and extends the idea national identity of also creates a ‘sense of belonging’ not only unifying the nation but allowing individuals to feel they have a deep connection with their fellow countrymen. The classifications that are used to define a particular country, in this case “Australian”, are the certain “Australian” characteristics that shape how other countries view us and how we perceive ourselves (Class Notes, 2015). A country’s national identity is not always true and can be described as ‘myths’ that Wall links to ‘social, political and commercial power’ and can be depicted and spread via media and tourism campaigns. The term myths is an excellent way to describe these defining characteristics in the case of the Australian identity as there is a vast contrast between the historical identity of Australia and the current national identity. Australia’s national identity is shaped by, but not limited to, the bush; how it has been romanticised (Wall, 2006) and that Australia’s settler nation has been linked deeply to the landscape (Ireland, 2003), the “Australian character” and national values associated with this stereotypical persona (Class notes, 2015; Ireland, 2003) and the ‘masculine’ (Elder, 2007a) anglo saxon (Cote, 2006) male or the ‘Aussie bloke’ (Class notes, 2015). Renowned poets such as A.B ‘Banjo’ Patterson and Henry Lawson as well as other authors have developed poetry

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