Australian Identity Essay

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From: Ivan Tabal To: Loretta Iffland On: Friday, August 30, 2013 During: Period 4, Day 5 Australian Identity The Australian Identity is constantly on a state of evolution. In particular, the diversity of ethnic groups has led to Australia's multicultural society, breaking the barriers of what used to be known as a 'white colony'. This is appropriated through Komninos Zervos' poem 'Noboby Calls Me a Wog, Anymore' and Dorothy MacKellar's 'My Country', along with Duncan MacGregor's 'National Insecurity', elucidates the notion of multiculturalism through the characterization of the writers' individual experiences with being Australian. Through racism and inequality, Komninos expresses his identity through his poem "Nobody calls me a wog, anymore", which draws on some of the particular boundaries he had to fight against in the past. It is through his sense of identity and patriotic spirit that allows him to be proud of being both Greek and Australian. Within one of the stanzas in his poem, Komninos possesses a fulfilled and lively tone profound in "KOMNINOS. K.O.M.N.I.N.O.S. Yes, that's right, it's a Greek name. Yes, that's right, there's no English translation. Yes, that's right, it's rather unusual". Through the repetition of his name, followed by "Yes, that’s right" and "it's a Greek name", he protrudes his proud attitude, showing that he is an Australian unashamed of his origin, and not afraid to show it. Additionally, Komninos creates a key of dual identity represented by this quote, which further demonstrates his positive outlook despite the racism he had to endure; this is conceived as an aspect of being an Australian. Through the use of constant repetition and his buoyant expression in "KOMNINOS", as well as "Yes that's right", he is proven to possess a strong character. Hence, this in turn validates his sense of identity as he expresses his Greek

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