Australian Foreign Aid Essay

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Have we contributed enough in Australian Foreign Aid for other countries? Australian Foreign Aid has been a prominent topic debated among not only in Australian politics, by Australian people but also discussed by international leaders as they too have a Foreign Aid system in place. Some believe that Foreign aid is not paramount; maybe they are blinded by ignorance because Foreign aid covers Health care, education, ensuring rights and disaster preparation when supposedly needed. Do we not want to see a world where people everywhere can enjoy good health? I believe that persisting Australian Foreign Aid should be our top priority. In return, we can begin to see fallen countries rebuilt and plenty more grateful people for what Australia has done for them. Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aid program aims to help developing countries reduce poverty and achieve further development. There is a reason that “foreign aid” even existed in the first place, it’s because somewhere around the world, help is desperately needed. The definition of help is to give assistance but it is not a mandatory act, where as the word “Aid” translates to help except it’s of practical nature. There are different classifications or types of aids which are Medical, educational, agriculture, environmental, human rights support and monetary. Monetary aid, relating to money or currency, are most common when countries are affected by natural disasters such as medical are given for problems such as healthcare bills, Education aid for child start up elementary school fees and Agriculture aid for growing crops and food. Foreign aid also comes for Environmental such as keeping the area clean and Human rights like giving girls equal rights and same opportunities that boys have. When we take Foreign Aid into account; we shouldn’t even give it a second thought because every second

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