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Australian Dance Theatre Work: G Artistic Director: Garry Stewart History and Purpose Australian Dance Theatre has been owned and operated by numerous choreographers that have impacted and influenced the path of the dance company. Dr. Elizabeth Cameron Dalmon established the company in 1965 and sought to “open the horizons for provocative contemporary and cutting edge dance.” Elizabeth Dalman School of Modern Dance was what the company was called from 1965-1975. After the first performance from the company in Adelaide, critics were divided over the company’s new and adventurous approach. However, audiences were enthralled from the very beginning. In 1967, Dalman provided the public with an insight into the company through school classes, workshops, pre- and post- show forums/discussions during the company’s infancy. The school component of the company was the main contributor to their funding. Over the next decade the company builds a substantial repertoire and achieves international acclaim with tours. ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><DisplayText>(50 Years of Australian Dance Theatre)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Electronic Article">43</ref-type><contributors><authors/></contributors><titles/><title>50 Years of Australian Dance Theatre</title><periodical/><dates><year/><pub-dates/></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(50 Years of Australian Dance Theatre) In 1977 Jonathon Taylor, a former dancer from Ballet Rambert in the UK, became the Artistic Director of the company till 1985. Taylor brought distinctive style that revitalized the compant, creating a highly regarded body of work. The company performed at the Edinburgh Festival, being the first contemporary dance company ever invited. In 1986, Anthony Steel, from the

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