Australian Bebop Ragas Essay

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The Australian Bebop Ragas performed at the Music Recital Hall in Sacramento State at around 3pm on Sunday April 19. The band was hosted by the World Music Club and Department of Music. The band consisted of Stephen Kent who played the didjeridu, Teed Rockwell who played the touchstyle fretboard and Jim Santi Owen who played the table and also the morse. One feature of the group was that it did not belong one particular culture but combined different instruments from other parts of the world like the didjeridu from Australia and the tabla from India. The touchstyle fretboard stood out from the rest of the musical instruments. Teed Rockwell played the Hindustani ragas on the fretboard with a recording of the sitar played in the background as a drone. The performers started out the first piece with slow tempo and tone with the didjeridu, fretboard and the morsing by Owen followed by playing the drums with the stick. Stephen Kent Played a blue didjeridu which he later explained was a side didj made out of pvc. The fretboard played by Rockwell sounded and looked very similar to a guitar with a Hindustani touch to it.…show more content…
In this piece the didjeridu was more audible than rest of the instruments. All the pieces played by the performers were Hindustani ragas with the blending of various instruments, making the traditional sound contemporary. There was various highs and lows played throughout the piece with each performer doing a solo piece. Rockwell demonstrated the raga with the accompaniment of the didjeridu. Owen also did a solo piece with the didjeridu. The third piece lasted about eight minutes. The side didj is the modern version of the traditional didjeridu. Unlike its traditional piece, the side didj has adjustable tones with the rotating of various of part of the didj. The forth piece, called the gayman also starts out slow, with building of momentum. It lasts for about eight

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