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Dec 4, 2011 Sources: :, : : Journey of Amateur Ethnomusicology Australian Aboriginal people also known as Indigenous have emigrated from Middle East more than fifty thousand years ago. They are the original people who have lived in the Australia before Europeans invaded them. Australian Aboriginal people have very unique culture, society and religion. They believe that humans and nature created at the same time as time started, and…show more content…
During their performance they wear a certain types of costume and dance and sing. By doing that they believe they are interacting with Dreamtime. The costumes they wear are mostly the paints they used for painting their body with different symbols. And those symbols are passed from their ancestors. And more than understanding the story of Dreamtime, especially the youngsters learn about being the grown up and as adult being independent from the older people during the Corroboree…show more content…
This video is another example of Australian Aboriginal performance, Corroboree. The performance is about the young child got abducted by some man, and when the mother found about it the group of warriors went to retrieve the boy. The abductor got caught speared to death by the warriors at the end of the video. This is probably as I was saying before is one of the lessons that older people teaches to the younger generation about protection and unity of the family and patch. Their clothes and drawings on the body is very similar to the first video and also from this video you can see clearly the clapclicks and how they are using the instrument with tempo. Even though they are outside with lot of other noises the sound quality of the instrument is quite good. They are also using the drums for their performance. And during the performance they are always singing. I am not sure what they actually saying, but I believe words have lot of meaning if you understand it. “Sacred dances are performed for ceremonial purposes and participatory dances convey stories about life, spirituality and culture.” (Aboriginal Perspectives in the Creative Arts) For Australian Aboriginal people, the dance is important part of their life. By dancing they can teach their youngster, also they can spiritually interact with the

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