Australia's Foreign Aid Essay

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Should Australia reduce foreign aid? At the end of last year, the Australian government had accumulated a national debt of just over 430 billion dollars. Two months down the track and this figure is well over 500 billion. Four times over the past 5 years the government had to raise its limit on spending with no current limit in place. This country is in a debt crisis and major cuts need to be made to the annual budget. Foreign Aid is an important part of every countries budget but sometimes a utilitarian approach needs to be taken when the country is facing problems of its own. We have refugees turning up on our shores en masse, an entire culture has been left behind and our economy has taken a turn for the worse. Our budget is not a limitless source, meaning the government needs to prioritize its spending. The matter at hand is not to completely remove the foreign aid budget, but rather how to reduce the amount allocated and still maximize its efficiency. The gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is growing. Health problems, education and life expectancy, just to name a few issues, are still very much existent. The last estimate by the Australian Bureau of Statistics gave indigenous citizens a 17-year lower life expectancy than the non-indigenous population. Just over 75% of young Australians go on to finish year 12, however for the indigenous, that number drops significantly to under 40%. These disparities are a blemish on our countries reputation and resources need to be put into closing this gap. The government is spending significant amounts of money on other countries in need, when our own country is in need. How can we expect to help other countries, if we cannot even help our own? With a reduction in foreign aid, more resources can be put towards the foreigners who are coming to our country for help. The number of Asylum seekers
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