Australia Involvement Vietnam War Case Study

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1 The decision to send Teaching SuggeSTionS Australia’s Involvement in the War Topic an Australian infantry battalion to Vietnam is a grave one; these are inescapable obligations which fall on us because of our position, treaties and friendship. There was no alternative but to respond as we have. A quotation on the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial Focus questions: What was the Vietnam War? Why did Australia become involved? Was this a popular decision? What was the nature of the Australian involvement? Garden Island, Sydney, NSW, 27 March 1968. Troops of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), board the troop carrier HMAS Sydney prior to their departure…show more content…
C The Australian Government did not want to make the announcement until it had received this request from the Government of South Vietnam. D Reporter Alan Reid of The Daily Telegraph learned about the decision and published it. E Prime Minister Menzies now had to announce the decision, but he had not yet received a request from the South Vietnamese Government for the troops. F Australia’s Ambassador in Saigon sent a message saying that the Vietnamese Government would make a statement that ‘said in effect: At request of Vietnamese Government Australian Government has decided to send Battalion’. G Prime Minister Menzies made his announcement as quoted above. H Two hours after Menzies’ announcement the South Vietnamese Government issued this statement: ‘Upon the request of the Government of the Republic of Vietnam, the Government of Australia today approved the despatch to Vietnam of an Infantry Battalion together with logistical support to assist the Republic of Vietnam Armed forces in its struggle against armed aggression.’ I Later that night Prime Minister Quot wrote to Ambassador Anderson: ‘I have the honor to refer to your

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