Australia in the Vietnam War Essay

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Term 3- History Essay: Involvement of Australians in the Vietnam War, Account for the poor treatment of Vietnam veterans upon their return to Australia. Vietnam War, 1962 - 1972 happens to be the longest lasting war in the history of Australia, it lasted ten years. 500 Australian life's were lost and 3129 wounded ( The sending of "the team" to Vietnam with an objective to train and teach the South Vietnamese army and the United States about jungle warfare, The Battle of Long Tan and Operation Crimp are examples of key involvement by Australians in the Vietnam War. Although Australia had a key role in the Vietnam War, many veterans or returning soldiers were frowned upon by society and often regarded as "they didn't fight a real war". Most of these comments came from WWII and WWI veterans, they did not see the negative and damaging outlook they had on the Vietnam soldiers even though they went through hard times and loss as well. "The team" arrived in Vietnam on 31st July, 1962 and 3rd August 1962 marked Australia's first commitment to the Vietnam War ( Although Australia at the time had little involvement in the War, it grew rapidly from 30 advisers to a battalion in 1965. This was due to complications in the war and the rapidly advancing Viet Cong, Australia had to send more men. As a result the 1RAR was deployed. They fought a series of key events such as Long Tan, Sui Bong Trang, Gang Toi and Operation Crimp. In 1966 Australia was given its own task area and they had all the rights to make any decisions as they were not relying on the US in the specific area. As a result the 1ATF was deployed in Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuoy province in April 1966 ( The battle of Long Tan was of the most memorable events fought in Vietnam for many Australians. The 1ATF were outnumbered and still had a

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