Australia and Americas Revolutions Essay

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Report Historical content Australia Since the landing of Captain Cook and the First Fleet in early 1800’s the Native Australian aboriginals have been prosecuted and discriminated against. Relationships at first had started steady with contact between the different societies being avoided (Purcell, 2012) However as settlers and explorers began to expand Farm land further and further into central Australia these relationships began to reach a turmoil point. A revolt began against the new comers and order to shot any aboriginals was soon given as the defending aboriginals became violent (Purcell, 2012). With orders to shoot massacres soon became a recurring theme. Such massacres continued on for over three decades, one attack on the aboriginal people even ending with 80 aboriginals killed (Purcell, 2012). However during these thirty years the two sides weren’t black and white as after some of the shootings like the one at Myall creek in 1838 when seven of the perpetrators were hanged for killing 28 men, women and children aboriginals. However the newspapers were horrified by the punishment (Purcell, 2012). Since becoming the property of her majesty in 1810 (Red Apple Education Ltd, 2013) the relations had remained turbulent to prevent anymore mass killings in 1869 the “victoria’s protection and management of Aboriginal natives act” set up a board of protection to attempt to prevent any more massacres. This board would stay in place till 1957 (Red Apple Education Ltd, 2013). This protection however became abused eventually as aboriginals were eventually moved to special reserves this was made out to make the aboriginal people look little more than just fauna of Australia. This along with the Commonwealth of Australia Being established in 1901. Aboriginals were denied the rights to vote and “were not counted as Australians and their existence was denied” (Red Apple
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