Australia- a Misunderstood Nation Essay

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Australia {Script Version) Australia, famous for its natural beauty, unique wildlife and relaxed lifestyle, is a popular tourist destination due to its alternative sophistication and adventurous appeal. Australia has recently been accused of being a Bogan or unsophisticated society. This is most likely due to our relaxed lifestyle. The Australian stereotype is a thong-wearing, sunscreen-wielding beachgoer, equipped with an esky and a 6 pack (of beer) This unfortunate and misleading generalisation has most likely evolved from television characters such as Kath and Kim, and the cast of the Footy show. Such an inaccurate representation has taken advantage of our relaxed lifestyle, using it to wrongly portray us as unsophisticated and lazy. Another incorrect statement made about Australia is that we and our society are ‘uncultured’. How such an accusation can be made when we have one of the most unique and culturally rich native cultures in the world is hard to understand. The Australian outback is home to thousand-year-old aboriginal rock paintings, and evidence of Ancient tribes and rituals. The native aborigines heavily contributed to Australia’s image as a country famed for its natural beauty and fascinating origins. Aboriginal art is a growing industry in Australia, with several Aboriginal artists venturing outside Australia into the global art world. A major and sometimes overlooked positive aspect of Australian society is our freedom of speech and democratic system. Many countries suffer a corrupt government, or corrupt government organisations, and have limited rights. Australia, named the ‘lucky’ country, enjoys an environment with freedom of speech and carefully inforced human rights laws. Our country is free of conflict and war. Overall, Australia is a highly sophisticated nation, supported by a

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