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On September 22 2010 Eric Young, John Cahill, Liam beardsmore and kipruto Chirchir went on a month road trip/race from the north of Australia down to the south in Sydney. We went off in pairs. Eric and I in our Lamborghini, john and Liam in their Ferrari and kipruto and his spear driving an open mustang. Eric and I were driving down Route 4 on the way to Sydney, during our 21 day road trip through Australia, when we spotted a train off in the distance. The train was going the same direction as us. "Speed up and find somewhere where we can pull over and watch it go by," I said. Eric accelerated the Lamborghini. Minutes later, we were standing on the side of the tracks, putting our ears to the rail when the train came chugging around the bend. Seeing a massive train rolling towards you automatically gives you an adrenaline rush. I couldn't contain myself and jumped on the moving train. Eric bolted to fetch his bag and lock the car and grinned as I rolled toward him and prepared to jump off. I let go of the train's ladder thinking it would be an easy step off, but I quickly learned the train was moving faster than I could run. My hands and knees, and almost my face went scraping across the jagged red rocks that lined the tracks. Instead stopping, the train carried on. Eric being the amazing runner he was sprinted and leapt an amazing 5 ft. in the air! I grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of the carriage. We were now riding on top of a moving train, with a steady clack underneath us and a blue afternoon sky above. We stood up, we looked over the side, we relaxed in the sun, we discussed the possibility of our car being stolen, and how we could get back. I noticed we were getting seriously sunburnt due to the Aussie heat. I was already dark with my exquisite mocha features, but Eric was turning into a pink marshmallow. We took out some of our food that we had in our

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