Austrailian Aborignes Essay

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The tribe that I’ve decided to write on is the Australian Aborigines. This is an extraordinary and unique tribe, and I was fascinated about the things that I read about them. This culture like the Inuit tribe practices in infanticide. Infanticide is done by this tribe in an instance where a mother gives birth to an ill or deformed baby, or when there is a time of starvation,(birth spacing) which would make a mother who is nursing a young baby unable to obtain the proper nutrients to keep herself and the baby healthy. (Birdsell, 1968, Cultural Anthropology). This tribe also uses unusual remedies, such as salvia to treat insect bites just as in the British, and American Cultures. Identify three specific examples of how the kinship system of the chosen culture impacts the way this culture behaves In the Australian Aborigines culture, Dreamtime has many meanings, including the period of creation, the moral order, ancestral beings, and the source of all spirit; it can also refer to a totem spirit. This Dreamtime impacts the behavioral structure of the culture because “It is an all-pervasive philosophy that permeates all aspects of Aboriginal life. Meaning that Australian Aborigines believe Dreamtime (or the totem spirit) is a part of them and that the totem spirit gave birth to their ancestors in a mythical time, somehow being a part of their kin. Also long those times they believed ancestors traveled the earth creating sacred sites and song lines, which are songs describing geographic and topographic features of sacred paths that allowed people to navigate long distances. Also in the Australian Aborigines culture they have the unusual practice of a cross-cousin marriage rule. Meaning cousins cannot marry unless they are the children of opposite–sex siblings, such as the father's sister or the mother's brother or a man

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