austraila-a short story Essay

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Australia, there is only two words to describe it... HARSH and UNFORGIVABLE. It burns homes and kills whatever is in its way but somehow nobody can bring them selves to leave it, hurt it or even disobey it, we always come back. So, this is my heart braking story that needs to be told... It was a hot and dry summers day right in the centre of Australia. Timmy was playing with William (the family dog) and Samantha was asleep inside and I was by her side while Simon was getting water from the river, so it was pretty much a normal day for us until one horrible mistake on my behalf that turned the next 3 months into a total living hell. I thought I would be able to make supper while Samantha was asleep so I crept out of the room and started to put supper on, the next minute I looked up to find Timmy had picked up a snake so I ran out side and took it off him and through it into nearby bushes. Then told Timmy to come inside and as usual William followed with his tail wagging, as I stepped inside I saw the stove begging to boil over but as I walked into the kitchen I heard a crash and Samantha cry from the bedroom so I ran to make sure she was ok, thats where my horrible mistake began. Timmy had just knocked over a chair and that woke up Samantha but as I was telling off Timmy and calming down Samantha I forgot about the pot on the stove. I stood there just so caught up in being strict and a helpful mother by punishing Timmy for being irresponsible instead of thinking and maybe if I wasnt so angry I would have smelt the smoke earlier instead of William having to bark which made me stop yelling and I realised the room was quickly filling with smoke. The first thing I thought to myself was how could I be so foolish, so I had Samantha in one arm and picked up Timmy with the other and tried to find an exit, but the kitchen was a blaze of hot flames and I couldnt seem to

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