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Autism disorder and causing agents Autism is a syndrome disorder that is primarily present in the young children. Contrary concerns have been questioned as to why this syndrome is present, what causative agents are, and whether it is a genetic or not genetic issue inherited by the parents, but ultimately it is still poorly understood by many. Autism is known for its serious disorders in the brain that entitles to- lack of communication, social interaction disorders, and a wide dimension between activities that include imaginative play, mainly found in the young male gender. As stated “males are four times as likely as females to have autism.” (London, Etzel & , 2000). It is believed by many scientists that a serious of genes may be the leading cause, but is the real concern within our environment? However, neurotoxicity in the autism spectrum disorder has drawn attention as an essential factor to the cause of autism. Scientists have not yet precisely discovered the definite mechanism or toxicity, but do have a correct idea of the ultimate chemicals that are conceived to contribute to autism disorder, such as- methyl mercury, lead, polycyclic aroma hydrocarbons, and such. Serious exposure to chemicals and toxins when a mother is pregnant or when even a newborn is being exposed is a leading cause to autism. “Autism spectrum disorder is widely believed and autism mental brain disorders are quite likely environmental factors contribute to the brain pathology which yields the symptoms found in autism.” (London, Etzel & , 2000). Mercury has always been a suspect to the autism spectrum disorder, and many scientists have made countless of surveys and tests. “We compared total Hg concentration in children with autism or autism spectrum disorder (AU/ASD) and typically developing (TD) controls in population-based samples, and determined the role of fish consumptions in

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