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Jan Hingson Family Centered Health Promotion December 13, 2013 Elaina Mahlan Learning Style The VARK learning style evaluation indicated that the learning style that best suited me is Aural learning style. “Aural uses the temporal lobes to handle content. The right temporal lobe is important for music” ( 2013). This is also known as Auditory, Musical, and Rhythmic learning style. “This perceptual mode describes a preference for information that is “heard or spoken” (VARK 2011). Aural learners like to work with sound and music. A good sense of pitch and rhythm is noted. Typically aural learners can sing, play a musical instrument, or identify sounds of different instruments. Certain music can evoke strong emotions. Music that is playing in the background of movies, television shows, and other media is easily noticed. Often times with no music playing a jingle to a song will occur and they will begin to tap or hum it. Along with phrases such as that sounds about right; that rings a bell; it’s coming through loud and clear; or that’s music to my ears all will be often used. Personally my learning strategies are listening, it must be spoken multiple times to be able to comprehend the material. A tape recorder or audio books are a wonderful asset. Having electronic text books that can read the text is very helpful. Demonstration is helpful as well, seeing and doing is the best and most effective in learning. Definitely a visual and audible learner. Once it is learned the brain is a vault and it is stored there for a very long time. Aural learning strategies includes talking out loud to one’s self. It allows the person to sort ideas by speaking their ideas first. Often ideas and topics may be repeated and the same questions asked again. It gives the learner a chance to thoroughly process the information and obtain a complete

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