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Alec Medina Christina Rodriguez de Conte THE2000-0014 15 September 2014 Prompt #2 Spirituality Involving Aunt Ester Gem of the Ocean is a play written by August Wilson, an American playwright who created the ten-play cycle known as the Pittsburgh Cycle. This certain play was the first part of the ten-play cycle, set in 1904 at Pittsburgh’s Hall District. The plot of Gem of the Ocean involves Aunt Ester, the oldest character in the play at over 200 years old. Aunt Ester represents the origin of the history of Africans especially involving the heritage of African Americans especially with spirituality. She is considered as a gateway between the present and the past. Living in a home at 1839 Wylie Avenue with a gatekeeper by the name of Eli and the protégé of Aunt Ester named Black Mary, her physical role in the play is taking in troubled citizens and giving them her home as their own sanctuary. She does this to hopefully rip the guilt and misery from their conscience and “cleanse” them also by taking them on a voyage that shows them their “duty to life” in American culture when involving Native Americans from the past. The promotion of cultural change involving African Americans in the American culture is the main goal Aunt Ester has set in mind when taking these troubled citizens on her spiritual voyages. So indeed, spirituality is what she represents and means to other characters in the play. That is what makes her such an important and essential character to this certain play. She was coincidentally born in the year when African slavery began and eventually died in 1904. Aunt Ester is the keeper of African-American memory as well as being a spiritual leader and a mother, living to hold these memories for 285 years. First, Aunt Ester is all about spirituality and she is extremely tied with it. Although she is indeed a mother and was a slave in her past life,

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