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Roman Travel Liam Foster 10-26-14 About 2,000 years ago. Augustus Caesar, emperor of Rome, rid the Mediterranean of pirates and criminals. This opened the way for scholars, families, emperors, and a few women to be part of the world’s largest industry-travel. This became so popular, when Augustus did what he did. It made the journeys around the Mediterranean safer. More people started houses, near what are now considered some of the great wonders of the world. Some natural and some by man. Examples are the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx. This made an large boom in the population, visitation, and cultural diversification of Italy, Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and etc. The Romans were amazing at engineering and building and the innovation of them. They built bridges to go across the Tiber. During the Civil Wars, the ways of travel such as roads and canals and such had not been taken care of well, so after the wars, Augustus made sure during his reign, that using the military, he would fix and make new canals, roads, bridges, and etc. The Romans were masters of travel over land and water. They were skilled craftsman of boats and ships. Roads were not all dirt. Many were cement-like blocks paved more than hundreds of miles. Different modes of transportation were boats, such as medium size “freight ships” that carried some non-spoiling foods and equipment, tools, and etc. Freight wagons were used to carry stuff at night,…show more content…
Liam Foster 10-26-14 were large, four wheeled stage coach-like carriages covered for privacy if the user wanted. It !!!! Fun Facts! ! •! When they built a road across boggy ground, Roman engineers put down bundles of sticks and sheepskins as foundations, to stop the road sinking.!

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