Augustus Caesar Essay

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Augustus Caesar was a great emperor of Rome and issued many reforms, two of his most important reforms were the great Pax Romana and his new idea for social policy. Augustus wanted to retain the form, while changing the substance. Augustus wanted people to perceive him as simply another elected consul, another high priest of the state religions and another general of Roman legions. Augustus became a consul for life and enlarged the Senate, filling it with his loyal supporters. Augustus quietly made all the real policy decisions. Augustus cut his army size in half, while keeping all key military posts under his direct control. Augustus placed his mark on every aspect of public affairs. Augustus was so successful, that his new reforms and system was in place for over 250 years. This system was seen as a model to others. In social policy, Augustus recognized the problems of less fortunate citizens. He provided the poor with basic food necessities from the state treasury and supplied them with gifts from his own recourses. Augustus also tried to create a moral reform to end the love of luxury, and to make the social world full of simplicity. He also modeled the modest living style. Augustus tried to discourage the vast importation of slaves because he believed it signified richness and luxury, threatening the traditional lifestyle. This modest living style did not last long. Another one of Augustus’ reforms which did not last long was his attempt to become the high priest. Instead, his city discovered the mystery religions, with promise of their salvation. These little reforms all combined to create one of the most important distinguishing aspects of Rome, their social policy. One of Augustus’ main achievements and reforms was the Pax Romana. The Pax Romana was the Roman peace lasting from 31 B.C.E. to 180 C.E. During this peace in the Western world, Rome entered

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