Augustine V Aquinas

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Augustine's views seem to come from the concept of "the love of god." His theory starts by him trying to find a solution, the problem being evil. The problem at hand basically is that if god is so infinite in power then evil just can’t is here; but evil exists, therefore god couldn’t possibly. Augustine argues saying that all things start out as good, not perfect, and are like liable to becoming evil. Evil is simply the lack of good. Which ties into the next issue Augustine addresses; that god allows us to choose evil, while he can prevent us from doing so, given that he's all-powerful. Augustine argues that god knows what is going to happen, yet he isn’t the cause of it. We as humans have free will, and god knows what would happen if they make choices using their wills. Augustines concepts and views really interest me and I have taken to checking out books from the public library to read about his views. In my life I have always believed in the idea that we all start out as pure good, and that we have the possibility of becoming evil. For instance, my family breeds boxers. Every time we have a new batch of puppies being born, and I am there for the labor process, you look at the puppies knowing that they all are he pure and good. As they get older some become evil and mean, and some remain good, sweet creatures. I believe that in day to day life we are faced with many choices, some of which are evil, and we are left to choose what we want. God gives us both choices, I believe, and even though he can he lets us chose the road that we want to choose. I really find that Augustine’s views are really enlightened and interesting, relatable as well. Aquinas' ethical theory stems from his belief that everything has an end and one's action towards this end is initiated by an agent. Aquinas argues that all things must have an end, otherwise "action would tend to
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