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Introduction Augustine Medical Inc. is a Minnesota corporation that was incorporated to develop, market, and distribute products that are meant for the operating rooms found in health facilities. Of the first products that the hospital developed was the Bair Hugger Patient Warming System. This particular patient warming system is a device that was designed to regulate the temperature of the human body specifically for the postoperative patients. The device comprises two parts; disposable warming covers and the heater/blower unit. Medical experts point out that the gadget has the potential of treating hypothermia experienced by patients who have undergone operation. For the device to be successful in the hospital market after its launching, there are a variety of market forces that it must adapt to and be able to overcome. This study will investigate the market factors that are most likely to have a bearing on the success of Bair Hugger Patient Warming System. Market Factors that would affect Bair Hugger Patient Warming System SWOT Analysis Strengths The first area of strength that Bair Hugger Patient Warming System counts on is the availability of a large number of patients suffering from hypothermia. Several market research results indicate that the average proportion of patients suffering from hypothermia is between 60-80% of the recovery room patients. Though it may be an unfortunate situation ethically, it is a situation that Augustine Medical Inc. is banking on in order to enhance its revenues since that is its target market. Similarly, the warming system is tailored to enable the health professionals gain access to the disposable warming covers easily. These disposable warming covers are placed above the blower unit. The ease with which the blower unit can be ferried from one point to another via its wheels also serves as a plus for the device. The device is

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