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St. Augustine: Confessions St. Augustine We learn a lot about Augustine’s character and who he really is in the Confessions. Augustine elaborates on both his strengths and weaknesses in the book. The reader finds out that Augustine did not come to believe the word of God until late in his life when he was fully grown. He is really easy to relate to as a teenager because he was also making mistakes and doing everything we would do today, just in a different way. When people think of Saints, they usually think of special people who did not do a lot of bad things in life. This is not true for many Saints including Augustine. But he learned from his mistakes and so do we. Augustine had many weaknesses in his life, just as everyone else does. One of the biggest problems he had was that of women. Augustine struggled fighting the temptation of lust towards women throughout his whole entire life. Although he was loyal, he still couldn’t keep woman off his mind. Augustine was also a follower in his early life. He was peer pressured and did a lot of bad things with his friends. He knew what he was doing was wrong, yet he did it anyway. He explained some of the things he did that were out of temptation. He was doing things not to benefit himself, but because it was fun to him. It brought him no happiness, only misery. It was almost as if he was addicted. Augustine also didn’t really care for his parents and tried to do his own thing, so he moved away. He was very selfish in his youth and didn’t appreciate anything. As a bishop, Augustine realized what he had done wrong in his youth and tried to make up for it. Augustine was a normal person in his youth but as he grew older, more mature, and wiser, he figured out what the true meaning of life was and tried to express it to other people so they didn’t make the same mistakes. Augustine also had a lot of positive things in his

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