Audre Lorde Facts For Survival Summary

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Leiva 1 Lesly Leiva Professor Harmon American Literature May 10,2015 The Silent Feminist Women have always been dehumanized in many ways since the beginning of time, seen as objects and for one whole purpose, to reproduce. Men started to get threatened by women intellectuality and started to make activities like writing into a man duty. Men started to see women with these problems, they looked for any reason to put down these women even more. Another excuse to show how weak woman really “are”, and instead of helping these mothers they made it worse. Instead of supporting women's advancement they suppressed it maybe not directly but by criticizing and not supporting the women who tried to speak out. This is well…show more content…
In “Artifacts for Survival” describes Audre Lorde’s writing “ not only as a literary genre but also as politicized polemic for change.” She wanted to create awareness of the troubles of her community, and through her writing fought for their rights. “ The literary critic, in such communal histories of reading, is an agent for political reformation who emphasizes social and historical agendas for change rather than literary or aesthetic merit”(Artifacts..) Lorde was not looking for a merit for her writings but wanted to make a change and the only way she thought she could was by writing poetry that showed the political power over her community, and wanted it to change (Artifacts..). Overall both of these writings demonstrate silent feminism of the 19th century, showing us evidence of how the fight for women's rights have been around for many years. “Feminist” were unheard of in the time “The Yellow Paper” and “Poetry is not a Luxury” were written, in actuality it wasn't considered part of the feminist movement until many years later. But both of these stories were early movements to make a change, to show awareness of how women were being
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