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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CONDUCT OF AUDITORS INTRODUCTION An auditor is a professional, who is responsible for evaluating some aspects of a project, Business, or individuals. Auditors often are employed for the task of determining The level of efficiency present in the production process of a business, the efficient use Of labour and other resources associated with the business, and the veracity of the financial Records of the business. Along with evaluating a project or aspect of a company, an Auditor is often expected to make recommendations regarding the correction of negative Conditions that currently impact the organization. Auditors are also to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the promotion of cooperation and good relations between auditors and the sector. ( Moral principles and standards of conduct guiding CPAs in performing their functions. Codes of professional ethics are well-known by organizations of CPAs. A breach of professional ethics will make the auditor subject to disciplinary action. The auditor’s professional ethics affect the reputation of the profession and the confidence of the public. Some of the professional ethic requirements follow. The auditor should be independent of clients served so that objectivity and integrity are maintained. For example, independence is breached if the auditor has a financial interest in the client, or is connected with the enterprise as an underwriter or director. The auditor must be professionally competent, exercise due to professional care, properly plan and supervise the engagement, and obtain sufficient data to form a conclusion about an engagement. Auditors cannot have their names connected with forecasts in such a way as to have users believe they assure for the achievability. The CPA must follow gash in the pursuance of the audit function and may not express an

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