Audit of Cable Co.

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Audit of Cable Co. The video was a summarization of several steps that usually take place during an audit of a firm. Within the video Gail Bennett, who is a manager at Putnam, Rhodes and Shafer accounting firm, expresses an immense desire to pursue Cable Co. as the accounting firm’s potential client. It is quite evident within the video that Gail Bennett had been following and researching Cable Co. through several sources such as newspapers and research journals. The accounting firm’s partner Bill Stewart instructs Gail Bennett to acquire further information of the company, so that they can validate the authenticity of Cable Co. before striking a deal with the company. After the accounting firm adopts Cable Co. as their client, there are several instances that take place within the video that are immensely crucial to an auditing process. One such instance would be the reason for the CEO of Cable Co. to change the auditing firm. In the video, Mr. Mathews explicitly indicated that the former auditors were less efficient for his business strategies on acquisitions. He also went on to mention that he was in need for an individual who is knowledgeable about his business. Gail Bennett’s presentation stood out and made Mr. Matthews realize that Putnam, Rhodes and Shafer accounting firm has a team of auditors who are highly efficient and specialized within his business industry. The audit team at Putnam, Rhodes and Shafer prepared a proposal to achieve the deal with Cable Co. the proposal was a professional document that included several accomplishments through their professional expertise. One of the more appealing parts of their proposal was the information that they included on their knowledge of mergers and acquisitions. This proposal was able to provide Cable Co. with the knowledge of how the accounting firm will bring value to their company. Later

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