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Audience Research Methods Essay

  • Submitted by: jamiewood
  • on November 19, 2008
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It is extremely difficult to define an audience. Groups can be formed from different users of the various outlets, ranging from television viewers, to radio listeners and even newspaper& magazine readers.   To define an audience is unfeasible since there are differing ways to define users of media outlets.   For example does watching tv in a bar because its on mean your part of the same audience who watch it in their living room?   Does listening to a podcast put you in the same category as someone listening to live radio?
The answer is no. Audience is a broad term used to encompass all of these groups yet define none. It is because of this that there is no perfect method to measure audiences.
The primary purpose of current audience research in all its forms is to provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback on the size, composition and opinions of audiences (p3 michael svenning)
The distinction between quantitative and qualitative can be overly stressed. More often than not, these boundaries tend to blur and result in a combination of both being used for research.
This essay will be looking at typical qualitative and quantitative methods for audience research and be assessing their strengths and weaknesses concluding that a hybridization of both leads to the best results.  

The lifeline of any media outlet is advertising, which in turn depends on viewers numbers. Audience researchers are responsible for producing these numbers and their preferred methods for doing so are generally quantitative. This is because they can produce large, reliable estimates of figures. This is achieved by using random samples with measured variables and statistical analysis.
Advertising is at the core of the television industry. All channels except the BBC rely on it to produce enough revenue to pay for programming etc. Channels sell advertising slots to companies for varying fees, dependant on what programmes have been on before and what time of day...

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